During the weekend of 8th & 9th Feb I had the distinct joy of representing Mailjet with Orlando @orliesaurus at StudentHack. The event took place in the MMU Business School, which is an awesome HUGE venue.

A great sign that the event was going to start strong was that well before an early registration people we're arriving and nice big queue starting:

After a little bit of introduction from the organisers, everything got cracking. I spent most of the morning conversing with the guys from AutoTrader and CapitalOne about the architectures they employ.These guys have big plans, and I feel a little jealous of anyone they pinch from the event as grad hire.

Once hacking commensed I had the joy of helping teams pad out the ideas they were brewing. Introducting alternative technologies, like Pusher as alternative to setting up your own Node WebSocket service.

We did get to take breaks for Subway and Pizza (the motherload of pizza), and had access to an excessive amount of soft drink.

Mailjet paid for beer at a local student bar as well, so we all had a chance to chill and chat away from code. Was nice to talk to the hackers with looming over keyboards and disturbing people's mojo.

In the end quite a few really cool hacks were made, the event could have done with less focus on being/creating a start up and more on the just building stuff.

Hopefully I'll get ot see the organisers around at other events.