Old Find

At the beginning of the year I started to seriously look into becoming a Developer Evangelist / Advocate. So, I started poking around at tech companies I liked the look of, I even started to apply for roles. This didn't work out to great because of a lack of a key element, I hadn't done it or large scale public speaking before.

So, I actually took the process with PAYMILL very seriously. Not only was it an API I understood, and with people I liked the idea of working with, but it was also a perfect starting point.

As part of the process I was asked to put together a presentation of PAYMILL to hackers and technical people, which you can here http://slidedeck.io/ukmadlz/paymill-hack-presentation

But the scary thing is, I decided to check the analytics for it tonight. People are still looking at the presentation! I'm really hoping people are finding it useful. If your one of the people who've looked at it, feel free to give me some feed back on twitter or to mike at elsmore.me