Nordea Innovation Challenge

Between the 28th to the 30th November, Nordea and IBM hosted a hackathon at SUP46 in Stockholm called the Nordea Innovation Challenge. This hack was co-located in both Sweden and in Helsinki, playing on local rivalry with a live feed from both venues.


On the Friday evening from 5pm people gathered to sit and listen to talks on the technology, so BlueMix, the Nordea API & Datasets and Watson. We also had a couple of deep dive sessions in Stockholm covering the BlueMix platform with a view on how to deploy apps and provision services. Another session was run by IBM Design Studios at IBM Hursley that did a design thoughts talk on how to think about a project.


The coding properly started on the Saturday with teams getting in pretty early to finalise details.
Teams claimed all the available space, sepsrating themselves from each other and getting down to business. With the varied mix of skills, from App Developers, Front end-devs, UX/UI people and even Digital Strategists, some wonderful and very different products started coming together. It was amazing watching these guys just get up and go with big ideas.

The Outcome

I didn't get to stick around for the presentations, but from what Twitter was telling me and what I saw of the final products, I'm proud of whatt the people attending managed to do. I'm even more proud of mine and the other coaches willingness to dive in and help with everything from setup to teaching coding.

I'm pleased that I got to attend and hope that if Nordea ever run another event that I can attend, maybe even as a hacker this time!