LeedsHack - The Northern Adventure

I've know of LeedsHack for a while, it's and Dom Hodgson have quite a big reputation with the hackers and evangelists I know. So when it came to a hack, wasn't much choice but for me and the guys I hack with to rock up and have a giggle.

As per usual when it comes to a hack with Curt, Jake and Jon we ended up opting for a game. The reason is, we love games, and we like being loud and getting people involved. But this time, instead of our usual massive visual game we decided to make a Multi User Dungeon (or MUD for short, and here be wiki on it).

This time we took a different approach to building to building the different app components. Usually we all play inside the same repo coding in the same language doing our bit's and pieces. Instead this time we went for what we called an "API" approach; instead of trying to work around each other we just provided endpoints for all the distinct bits we needed, then proceeded to fill in the logic without worrying about each others code. For me this was fantastic as it let me freely code in Node how I like, where usually we would code in PHP as it's our common language. Also meant I got to play with a little Python to build the LED light cuber integration to act as a map visualisation for the crowd. I've now grown to have an appreciation for Python, it seems to be a work horse language that can do anything you throw at it, definitely something I'll be looking at in the future.

So, a fantastic reputation, an amazing venue inside Leeds Museum, an aweful lot of KFC and 5 repos later we had game! With some fantastic hacks, and may uses of PlaceKitty from kids and adult developers alike we came to our game. Presentation was pretty good from Jon, no complaints on that from me, I just wish we'd been able to get more people into the game in two minutes :P

However, we can't fuss over the little details, as we did walk away with some neat little prizes. We did get some NOW TV boxes, courtesy of Sky from the Leeds Hackspace which at some point I will stick into developer mode and have a play with.