What a weekend

Me and my usual group of hackers went and attended AgileHackathon down at Shoreditch Village Hall (a great venue, but I wish they'd invest in Aircon!).

The Bad

I think I'll start with the bad points of the hack, as they didn't have many. First and foremost was the lack of communication, we didn't find out till a few days before the event that it wasn't 24th. Which for hackers travelling into the city meant some serious replanning. The only other real complaint from my perspective was that the hack tried to put too much pressure on developers to build a mobile app. I only don't agree with this because we were lead to believe it was open ended but with the odd thing "client change" in the middle, you wouldn't ask a design agency to produce a financial analysis tool as it just isn't the developers wheel house.

The Good

This hack had quite a few good things going for it, the initial idea of "user stories" coming in and disrupting your flow being the foremost best idea. This meant you had to pivot your idea quite quickly to be able to integrate the ideas as they came. Lead to a few amazing hacks, and a lot of hilarious hacks.

Next best thing about this hack was the variety of technology involved. With the usual culprits of SendGrid, Twilio, MailJet and PayPal being involved they had DQuid all the way from Italy with some amazing Automative IoT equipment involved.

And not to mention, the event had some amazing food with fantastic quality Pizza!

The Ugly (The Verdict)

With everything thrown into the mix, my team and I had a fantastic interactive game idea to get the crowd going. We had issues with certain things, such as collaboration at certain points and integration of our different coding methodologies. But we cracked it, we got the game together and we got it all rolling! We even manage to get Rob Spectre of Twilio fame excited and playing! Man, he's got a pair of lungs on him when he's getting involved!

So, we had some laughs, we got a little stressed and we barely slept with the heat and noise of our hostel. But we did it, and we even walked a way with an amazing prize! We manged to pick up the best DQuid integration, using it as a random number seed to power the game. This has given us a trip to Italy, a tour of the DQuid facilities and a trip around Modena.